Was in Crescent City for a few days. Home of the homeless and near-destitute.

It's easy to forget how vibrant downtown Bend is.

Great beaches and redwoods and the Smith River. Why isn't this place thriving?

Same problem Bend had for a long time. It isn't on the way to anything much. It has to develop as a destination, and which comes first--the visitors or the development? Bend had some investors; Brooks Resources especially.

But I do remember when downtown Bend was half empty and there was no sign it was coming back. Only in hindsight does it seem obvious.

Waited until two weeks before leaving before making reservations, so got an older motel and I'm not liking it. Didn't sleep much last night. I think we're just going to have to spring for 3 star motels instead of 2 stars from now on, and make sure we make reservations far in advance.

Linda and I haven't had a vacation together for more than two years because we were certain that Panga the cat was on her last legs. But she seems to be doing fine now. I finally convinced Linda we could leave her alone with visits from a friend.

"She's a cat!" I say.

But not to Linda. She is more than a cat. 

Woke up one morning to see 98% humidity. That can't be right. Do we drown at 100% humidity?

I'm trying to do some rewriting, but I've suddenly gotten lazy with my writing. I've spent a couple of weeks trying to prepare Pegasus for summer, and that was unexpectedly fun. I'm really enjoying my one day a week at the store; realizing that I was missing the people and the action.

Would love to write on the beach, but even near July at midday it's barely over 60 degrees with wind. I tried to find a place out of the way behind some driftwood. Sort of worked. Have worked on the first three chapters. Not a whole lot of progress. Will try for another few chapters tonight. Obviously not going to have this done by July 1.

On the good side, I really like what I've written.