The Tuskers are a new breed of animal, as smart or smarter than humans, but they must survive with most of mankind trying to destroy them. They quickly create a new culture, one that brings sympathetic humans and Tuskers together, and find a way to survive in a world that has been brought to its knees by mankind's hubris.


Tuskers: Wild Pig Apocalypse

Barry had created a little piece of paradise in his southern Arizona backyard—until the javelinas came.
His battle to rid his property of the wild pigs soon escalated into war. Too late, he realized these weren't ordinary animals. They were something new, something meaner and smarter. These pigs weren't just at war with him; they were at war with the human race.
And the humans were losing.


Tuskers II: Day of the Long Pig

Barry and Jenny inherited a fortune, with a single stipulation: that they hunt down and eradicate the Tuskers. They can only hope the Tuskers are gone. They aren't sure they can follow through on the genocide of an entire new species.
Genghis, the smartest and most ruthless of the Tuskers, survives. Deep in the desert, he breeds with the wild pig population. These mutants are able to learn from humans…and quickly surpass them.


Tuskers III: The Omnivore Wars

The wild pig invasion of Saguaro was a three-day wonder. But Cathy Comfort, host of the cable crime program, Cathy Comfort's Justice, senses there was something more to the story than rabid pigs. With her young producer, Seth, she heads to Arizona to investigate, little realizing she's landing right in the middle of the Aporkcalypse.
The Tuskers are alive and breeding and smarter than ever. With the young scientific genius, Tesla, and the military leader, Napoleon, they are ready to take on humanity…
Only one species will survive The Omnivore Wars.


Tuskers IV: Rise of the Cloven

Civilization has collapsed from the onslaught of the Tusker attacks. The zombie virus, on top of the destruction of the fragile human infrastructure, has devastated the population. Three surviving groups emerge out of the chaos. In the north, a zombie horde, led by the Tusker, Napoleon, has vowed to return and kill the last uninfected humans. In the south, a heavily armed and organized band of humans has vowed to wipe out the Tuskers. And in the middle, in the small desert town of Carver, unaware of the impending struggle, a small band of Tuskers and humans are working together to survive the Aporkcalypse. They are working feverishly to discover a cure to the zombie virus. Inevitably, they are found, and the two armies converge. Together, the people and Tuskers of Carver must find a way to survive. But even more, they must find a way to end the conflict before both species are destroyed.