Deadfall Ridge

It’s a last-minute deer hunt at Bigfoot Ranch in Eastern Oregon. Wilderness guide Hart Davis reluctantly agrees to a booking: seven rough-looking men who don't look like they need any pointers on killing things. Little does Hart know that an innocent, long-ago favor—a package stashed away and forgotten—has become something worth killing for.


The Continuing Adventures of Virginia Reed

Trapped in the Sierra Nevada without food, The Donner Party are led to the slaughter. After being manipulated and coerced into a string of bad decisions, the travelers, frozen and abandoned, find themselves unable to go forward or back, and are preyed upon by werewolves in their midst--the very people they thought were friends.
As the creatures grow hungry and desperate, a showdown is born between the people struggling to retain their humanity, and the creatures seeking a massacre.



Within the Juan de Fuca fault, monsters stir.A coastal town nestled just outside Seattle, Everett is a picture-perfect paradise, but the Indigenous myths tell of when the darkness came out of the ocean and killed everything, the world cleansed and begun anew. An unusual specimen washed up on the shore has Professors Charlie Wice and Carol Wheatley buzzing with excitement, but what the ocean has spat out is far more dangerous than either could imagine.
As the darkness slithers closer, and the deaths start to mount, the residents of Everett and St Aloysius Island are locked in a battle against an enemy as implacable as they are numerous. As the earth shakes once again, another battle looms on the horizon – fast flowing and deadly. Who will survive when the ocean bares its fangs?


The Tuskers Saga I-IV

Barry had created a little piece of paradise in his southern Arizona backyard—until the javelinas came.
His battle to rid his property of the wild pigs soon escalated into war. Too late, he realized these weren't ordinary animals. They were something new, something meaner and smarter. These pigs weren't just at war with him; they were at war with the human race.
And the humans were losing.

- In Progress -