"Do nothing" days.

I decided today, after two weeks of renovating the store and then going on a very tiring vacation, that I would absolutely "do nothing" today.


Well, it occurs to me that I often say that--that I'm going to "do nothing" today. Linda even have days she calls, "no go" days.

But you know what? I realized that because--for once--I'm really committed to the idea, that I rarely if ever actually "do nothing." I always feel pressure to accomplish something.

In fact, about the only time I ever truly crash is when I'm sick and that is almost a relief because finally I have an excuse to "do nothing."

I blame my Mom who would never let me sit around without telling me to go do something. As a kid I still resisted, but as an adult I seem to have bought into her Puritan ethic.

So a day is to never be wasted. Something must be done! Anything! Do anything, even if it's wrong!

I'm really enjoying this day.

Just as soon as I'm done weeding the garden and mowing the lawn.