Loving the changes at Pegasus.

The store looks great. At the cost of losing most of the used books, we have dramatically increased the space devoted to showing off art books and graphic novels.

I can't get more used books without trading or buying, which I just don't want to do. (Sports cards made me allergic to trading and buying off the street--like a peanut allergy that would kill me.)
Also--new books outsell used books by 10 to 1 Really. Since used books were free, the ratio was more like 5 to 1, which made them just worthwhile enough to devote two or three hundred square feet. But no more.

The bonus is that by moving my art books over to the new section, I'll also be able to add about a third more space for new books, which are our best growing category. More space for children's graphic novels especially.

So I'm really looking forward to that too.

It was a lot of work, but I lucked out when Todd was home with his trailer--hard to imagine how it could have gotten done any other way, which also means it was meant to be. Todd saved my life, as well as Sabrina and Dylan and three of their friends they Shanghaied into helping. Those fixtures are as solid and as heavy as rocks, man.

It'll take a few months to really find the groove that these new spots have created, but meanwhile, it looks great.