The Virginia Reed Adventures

By sheer grit Virginia Reed saves her family from the fate of most of those in the Donner Party. She finds hidden reserves in strength, which she used to help others. The West is a dangerous place and Virginia is there to help others fight the evil hidden in the beautiful landscape.

Led to the Slaughter.jpg

Led to the Slaughter (Book 1)

Trapped in the Sierra Nevada without food, The Donner Party are led to the slaughter. After being manipulated and coerced into a string of bad decisions, the travelers, frozen and abandoned, find themselves unable to go forward or back, and are preyed upon by werewolves in their midst--the very people they thought were friends.
As the creatures grow hungry and desperate, a showdown is born between the people struggling to retain their humanity, and the creatures seeking a massacre.


The Dead Spend No Gold (Book 2)

Virginia Reed survived the Donner Party Werewolves only to find herself in a life and death struggle with a creature out of nightmares. When gold is discovered, California becomes flooded with miners who push Indian tribes from their lands, or kill them if they refuse to leave. But there is a creature in the mountains that won't be so easily removed, who reacts to the invasion of his territory by slaying everyone who trespasses.