Short Stories


FREE MARS!: The Child Slave Colony Uprising

"Spunky red-haired, freckled Sceeter has had enough. In the depths of the tunnels she scrawls "FREE MARS!" and before she knows it, the rebellion has begun, with her as its leader!"
The story is inspired by the utterly bonzo, but strangely wonderful conspiracy theory of child slave colonies on Mars.
If ever there was a call for a Heinleinesque young adult/adult science fiction adventure, this was it.
"Sceeter Lives!"


Burp the Burrow Wight

Burp is a Burrow Wight who has been told he has insufficient claws to leave the burrow.
One day the roof caves in, and off he goes, to discover the world and himself.
A Fable of accepting who you are..


Big Liar, Little Man

No one believes the little man when he tells his stories, but they're all true.