Time to release the Kraken!

Have I mentioned I've written a lot of books? A lot?

I write almost every day, usually between 1500 and 2000 words. I'm very disciplined. That's a lot of words over the course of a year. It may seem like too much, but I maintain if you are spending all day writing and can't produce that many words there is something wrong with you. Seriously. What are you doing?

(Jesus, this sounds like a parody. "The Best Words." But you know, also true.)

It also seems to be the best pace for me, producing the best results. I have noticed that if I take twice as long, which I've done a couple of times as an experiment, that the quality isn't any better. In some ways, writing a book in one fell swoop keeps the story momentum strong and focused.

I believe writing a great or classic book is an accident. You don't know starting out how a book is going to turn out. Each time you think you've got it. You don't turn on or off the "classic" button. I suspect I'm more likely to stumble across a classic by constant writing than by somehow bearing down and producing a turd.

NOTE! ****The above number or words, written once an hour for 8 hours, would be a very productive day. I mean, really, how hard is that? ****

I believe I write entertaining books--at least, I hope so. You can't please everyone, of course, but I don't release any story until it is as good as I can make it.

Rewriting doesn't take me all that long either. Too much rewriting for me is more of a problem than too little. I have to be careful about not getting obsessed with changing the story and words around and ruining it.

Sometimes a book just doesn't work. I have about 10 books that just aren't ready for primetime. But I have a dozen or more that are mostly finished and which I quite like. I've been sitting on them, trying to figure out the best way to proceed.

I've decided I need to get going.

Crossroad Press has expressed a willingness to look at what I send them. Their attitude is, once they've decided to publish you, they are trusting that what you send will be good. So it's up to me.

I was pretty impressed by the first month royalty statement from them, considering these were already published books, some of which had stuttered starts.

So I've more or less decided to start releasing most of my books through them, including my already self-published novels.

I'm still more than happy with Dragon Moon Press for my Vampire Evolution Trilogy and Amber Cove for my Virginia Reed Adventures, and I intend to continue writing for them if they'll let me, but it's just time for me to start releasing what I've already written and Crossroad Press seems to have the system that can accommodate me.

So...most of my books under one banner for maximum effect.
Cover and editing services.
An established platform.
Monthly royalty statements.
Openness to what I've written.
Timely responses. 

Hopefully, this will allow me to concentrate on writing and nothing but writing.

First up. Probably my own personal favorite, which I finished a couple years ago and have been sitting on because I wanted to find it a good home.

"The Last Fedora."

Have signed a contract with Crossroad, so it should be out soon.

What fun!  I'm excited to finally get my stuff out there.