Tricky turn.

All along, the trickiest part of "Shadows over Summer House" was going to be the Big Reveal. When and how I reveal the "twist."

The twist has to be believable, but it can't be telegraphed too much. At the same time, I have to play fair and let the reader guess.

I was pretty amazed that I got roughly 60,000 words into the novel without revealing the twist, but I was rapidly coming up on the point where it would or wouldn't happen.

So yesterday I started off with a chapter whose main purpose to was prepare the reader by hinting at what might happen through atmospherics and mood. But not quite coming out with it.

But what happened, to my great surprise, was that I more or less revealed half the twist. That is, the reader now thinks the twist has happened, but in reality the bigger twist is further into the story.

At least, I hope so.

So now I'm going full blast into a couple of mood/atmospherics chapters, then back to a few heist chapters. Probably soon after that, the Big Reveal will have to happen, but I may be able to keep it until the very end, the last 10% of the book at worst, maybe even the last 5% of the book.