"The Last Fedora" is live!

Crossroad Press has published "The Last Fedora: The Gangster Golem Chronicles." (Cover by Mike Corley.)

This is probably my personal favorite book. There's something about it I really like. The main protagonist is a ten year old boy: in fact the book could almost be called "A Boy and his Golem." It has a young adult feel, but also has elements that are probably too severe for it to be marketed in that category.

I've sat on this book for several years because I wanted to find the perfect home for it. Since I've decided to release my unpublished novels through Crossroad, this was the perfect book to start.

I do believe this story is original. This was when I started realizing that I was writing books that maybe didn't fit any particular genre completely--and that was all right.

I hope everyone who has read a previous book by me will give it a try. I think you'll like Tony and Jacob and Greg and Maria.

Please go and buy it right now and equally importantly post a review! Love you all, and thanks for supporting me.