My own humble Vault.

Prince was so prolific a songwriter that he had a "Vault" in which he put all his extra recordings.

I kind of need to do the same thing.

I realized today that I need to spend a month or two doing nothing but cleanup. I have Star Axe and Snowcastles and Icetowers all in my computer, but they need to be cleaned up. (They were scanned, which is a messy process.)

Plus, I need covers. (I'd love to have the original covers, but the artist wanted a lot of money for them. I've made an offer, but I'm not hopeful.) I'm a better writer now, but these were real books that sold all over the world, so they are nothing to be ashamed of.

I also need to finish transferring "Deviltree" from it's original floppy disks, and then editing the sequel, "Deeptower." I need to finalize the covers (have a rough version.)

These five books are more or less done, and I'd like to get them in my Vault as finished.

The following books also need to go into the Vault.

"The Last Fedora"  (done)
"Gargoyle Dreams" (done)
"I Live Among You" (needs editing)
"Deep Sea Rising" (needs cover)

I've written a bunch more, but mostly first drafts, or drafts I'm not satisfied with, none of which are ready for the "Vault." 

There is nothing keeping me from continuing to write. But I probably should finalize some of these and get them ready to go. What's stopping me is my obligation to my current publishers. "The Darkness You Fear" is supposed to come out soon from Books of the Dead, and "Tuskers III" is due out in October from Ragnarok.

So I don't want to step on their toes.

But just for peace of mind, I'd like to have my completed books ready to go with the touch of a button.