Finished Faerie Punk.

Finished the first draft of Faerie Punk.

However, I'm not quite satisfied with the ending. It seems like I sort of glided into the ending, instead of POW! hitting it.

I'm trying to figure out a more impactful ending. Right now, I have the main protagonist being more or less an observer. I need to bring Iggy into the action, but in order to do that, he needs some "magic" power to confront what is essentially a demigod. For him to have a magic power will need a little more set up, plus I can't imagine what that power is.

At this point I'm thinking this is a single book instead of making a trilogy out of it.  It's 477 pages long, or 138K words, which is a bigger book than usual for me. I've changed my mind about 10 times about this, but it would be considerably easier if I could figure out a couple of climaxes in the book, and I can't seem to. It's all of one whole cloth.

Besides, buying three covers would get kind of expensive. And it's not like I'm short of books.

So one and done, I think.

It's a fun book, unlike anything I've done before. It's fascinating to me that I haven't settled on a kind of book, but keep doing different things.

I guess I'm learning the hard way. I'm not going to mess with what's working. Just keep writing.