My first 500 page book.

So my little Faerie Punk storyline has grown into a monster. If you include series, such as Tuskers, I've written more than 500 pages before, but never as one story.

I've been back and forth on whether I can break this up. I decided to finish the book before making a final decision. I gave up at one point yesterday, then on my walk figured out how I might be able to do it.

I'm three to five pages from the end of the first draft. I decided I would save that up for this weekend.
Of course, if I decide to do 3 books instead of 1, I have a minimum of 8 more chapters to write, which would still be the first draft. Still, I should be finished by the 17th.

So...150K words. Broken up into thirds, those would be short books, however, a minimum rewrite would bump that up another 20K words, which would make them respectable. (57K words.)

I will have no trouble adding 10 to 15% to the story. I write sparsely. I tend to get from point A to point B pretty directly. I'm not terribly coy (subtle) about getting the action going.

This is both good and bad. I do think a little fleshing out for me is a good thing, gives the book a better pace, allows me to embellish--in a good way--the characters and locations, etc. It's just a matter of doing it.

So I'm sending this off to Lara on the 17th, then turning to my wildfire/terrorist book, Devil's Forge. When I get Faerie Punk back, I'll dedicate a month to rewriting it.