A Big Book.

Fairy Punk is going to be a big book. Especially since it started off as a cute idea (punk and fairy.)

It's become a full on epic quest, with lots of ideas and characters and locations. I'm hitting 90K words and the roadtrip still has at least one more chapter to go.

Then the conclusion, which is going to be more than just a few chapters. So I suspect this will be my biggest book, well over 100K. It's also taking me longer, but I'm not awfully worried about that. It will take as long as it takes. I'm dedicating the entire rest of the month to it, which is plenty of time.

I struggled yesterday despite knowing where I wanted the chapter to go. I did my usual walking around the house, and mumbling to myself, and solitaire, and napping, and just sitting thinking. Nothing came.

Went for my walk in the badlands and within half a mile the words started flowing.

I'm actually beginning to worry a little that walking is becoming a necessary crutch to my writing. Because I'm not always going to be able to walk for time or weather reasons, so what does that mean to future writing?

Oh, well. I guess as long as I can walk, it's all good.