Snappy reviews of TV shows.


I'm apparently the only one who really likes Magicians. Yes the main character and his dithering hair bothers me, but the whole things feels different and fresh, despite being about magicians at a school fighting a big bad wizard. I like the Evil Narnia. The last episode felt rushed--so many cool elements that could have been extended, but since just about every show I watch has the opposite problem (extending a limited story too far) that's a mild criticism. Goes into dark places and I like that.


Another show that's getting bad reviews that I think is rather clever. I love that Lucifer always, always tells the truth. Just blurts it out. They don't fudge on that, and that's cool. Lucifer isn't so much evil as a "punisher of evil," which is a distinction that I think works. Fairly clever dialogue, attractive leads, snappy pacing. I'm always entertained.

Wynonna Earp

First episode was fairly interesting, thought it had a kind of Buffy vibe and I'm always up for a Western. The second episode was so awful that I'm dropping it. Hey, writers. You have a major TV show, couldn't you put just the tiniest bit of thought into motivations? (I'm looking at you, Bastard Executioner!)

Walking Dead

Not much to say. I have to overlook all the stupid to appreciate the clever. But always entertaining.

Fear the Walking Dead

Sorry...not enough clever to overlook the monumentally stupid. Hate the characters.

The Good Wife

Beautiful writing, characters, dialogue, interesting plots. A master's class in storytelling. But...scratch beneath the surface and they are all ethically despicable characters including the titular heroes.  Lawyers, bah.


Almost tips over into being too adorkable. I like the light tone. It's a bit "tweens" as my son Todd put it.  The villains are lame.




Nicely dark, some really interesting characters, both heroes and villains. Well done. They have really settled into a groove, I think. The casting is brilliant.  I joked that the romantic leads didn't have any "chemistry" then found out they were married in real life but that's my opinion and I'm sticking to it!

Green Arrow

I can't stand the angst. I'm outta here. (That goes double for Supernatural.)

Agents of Shield

A sloppy mess. Characters and plots all over the place. I still watch it...barely.

Legends of Tomorrow. 



Linda's favorite show. I'd probably watch anyway, for the Portland settings and atmosphere. I like the monster of the week episodes, even if they really have to stretch credibility sometimes. The bigger conspiracy plotlines are silly and inconsistent. Still, it's a minor pleasure, somehow.


This is a show where the main actor is so good that I watch it despite all the romantic stupid. Too bad Nathan Fillon doesn't have better writing to back him up.


Almost a really good show. Clever one moment, not so clever the next. I think it gets a little too melodramatic sometimes when it could really be a great show if they played it straight. Let the subject matter carry the show. (Hey, the writers to The Good Wife are available if you really want some believable melodrama!)


I really should like this show. I want to like this show. I mostly like this show. But the main character is so over the top that he just isn't believable to me. He self-destructs every week and comes back the next week for more. Really too much. He should either be dead, drummed out of the business, or in jail by now. Other than that, I like it.

I obviously watch too much TV.