Mainstream is boring.

Small encouragements. I stumbled across a website in Australia where a guy said he downloaded Tuskers by mistake and that it was "surprisingly good" and so on.

It's amazing how often "surprising" and "good" come together with my books. Like the concept itself argues against it being good.

I read somewhere recently that independent books were the new "B" movies. I think whenever a platform is wide open to ideas some wild ideas will be written. I used to think this about comics--that that was where some of the most original, strange stories were being written.

Look, I know what a standard epic fantasy, or urban fantasy, or whatever looks like. I could write something like that fairly easily. But I'd be bored out of my head. I just can't seem to go there anymore, either to read them or to write them.

If I'm going to write a epic fantasy it's going to be set in the modern world with a made-up mythology and feature a punk rock guy as the main character. 

Back when I wrote Sometimes a Dragon, a publisher agreed with me that it was too quirky, and suggested that I look at -- and then he spun off a bunch of names of your standard boring fantasy writers -- and I realized I was probably in trouble.

Giving myself the freedom to write what I want to write has opened the floodgates of my creative energy, but it probably limits what can happen.

But, all great ideas start out as quirky ideas. Otherwise they'd have already been done.