Still trying to challenge myself.

I'm taking a different approach to Fairy Punk. More of a leisurely exploration, world building, episodic, hopefully amusing journey. Not so plot-driven.

I'm 50K words in and I'm still not completely sure where it's going. But every day, I come up with the next chapter and as long as they seem to work, I'll just keep going.

I don't have the usual time schedule for it -- it will take as long as it takes. Nor do I know how long it will be.

I'm also letting it simmer for most of the day, sometimes not even getting started until my walk, which I usually take around 4:00 or 5:00 in the afternoon.

I'm enjoying it, but I really don't know how it will turn out.

If it doesn't work, it was a grand experiment. I have a bunch of stories that haven't worked. Rather than go back and try to fix them, so far I've just been moving on to the next effort. Frankly, writing a new book is easier and more fun and probably even less work. Plus, whatever improvements I've made to my writing benefits the new book.

If the time ever comes when my imagination fails me--and that doesn't seem implausible that I'll hit a dry spell at some point--then I can work on the previous books.

It's interesting to me that I can have written so many stories, and the process still is different with each one. Each book is a particular book, written in different ways with different attitudes and different approaches. Kinda weird, actually. Not sure why I can't settle into a certain approach or a certain type of book.

Then again, it makes it interesting. And I think it makes it a challenge.