Journey thru Mordor phase.

I'm in the journey thru Mordor phase of Fairy Punk. My heroes need to get from Oregon to New York, pursued by foes, helped by friends. Iggy--the punk--has to release the McGuffin (the One Ring--though I'm not completely sure what it is yet) from a Vault.

I'm trying to choose appropriate Fairy creatures, ones that feel right. So dwarves are good, gnomes are bad.  Pixies (with switchblades) for some reason are good, but I make a joke about Leprechauns "not being real." I have introduced Hellhounds.

So first stop along the way, they get to Bullhead City, Arizona. Spirit Mountain is on the horizon. They stop at a run down R.V. park outside an Indian Casino. Kerrie, the half dwarve who has magical lucky ability (hence the Leprechaun reference) goes and wins a bunch of money.

Native American operatives come after them and turn into Skinwalkers.

Our Fellowship is saved by a herd of glowing white magical horses--who in the morning turn into the wandering burros of Oatman, Arizona. (That's a real thing...)

So, you know, I have to make that seem half-believable. Heh.

Thing is...I'm having great fun.