A good old-fashioned quest.

I'm 60K words into Fairy Punk and I'm still in the winding out phase, so to speak. That is, I'm not at the winding in phase where I'm bringing it home. So I don't know how long this book will be.

It's a little episodic, but on purpose. I wanted a fantasy that sort of took its time building a world, where the quest is the journey and the journey is the quest.

It has been a bit of struggle because I don't have that overall plot to guide me. I need a little idea for each new chapter, something that stirs the blood a little. So far, I've been able to find those.

Yesterday, I realized that I was building an underlying theme without intentionally meaning to.

"The End Of Fairy," in a nutshell. The events in the book are happening as Fairy is about to disappear, one way or another. Magic is leaving Mortal Realms.

That theme came out of the world building.

The world building is coming from "The Memoirs of Joseph Tindermaker," who is a half Elve/half Dwarve genius inventor who has invented a McGuffin--the "one ring" if you will--which is locked in the Vault and is the object of the "quest."  Tindermaker is already dead at the beginning of the book, but each chapter is started with a section of his memoirs, with which I build the background mythology for the events in the book.

I think that works, I hope that works, I don't know if that works.