Clear motives.

I stopped checking reviews and sales early this month. I think--to a surprising extent--it's helped keep me focused on writing. I didn't realize I was doing paying so much attention to that. Basically, not checking has made it all less important.

It only matters that I write. "Fairy Punk."

I managed a chapter yesterday, but I at least had a clue about what I was going to write. Today I have no clue at all. Just that I'm going to do it.

I realized last night that I needed to clarify one plot element. I need to have the Big Bad trying to kill the heroes from the very beginning of the book. Right now, I have everyone wanting the same goal and that obviously doesn't create any conflict.

The fact that this was a Fantasy book and would need lots of world building sort of crept up on me. I mean, since it is set in the modern world, I thought that's all I would need for background. But there is also Fairy, and the interaction between Fairy and the real world, and that makes it complicated.

I'm purposely not plotting this book because I want to be surprised. Each day, I'm asking myself, what can I do that would be interesting and unexpected?

I hope I don't write myself in a corner.

Linda is having a hard time following the story, but it is clear in my head and I always believe if it is clear in my head it will be clear to the reader.

I hope.