If I enjoy it, so will the reader. (?)

My idea of writing each chapter of Fairy Punk while not knowing where I was going lasted all of a day.

A full day where I couldn't come up with a thing.

Finally, I went for my late afternoon walk. I told myself to just think about the story, not worry about writing, and that seemed to free my imagination. I've got to remember that: When I pressure myself to come up with words nothing happens, but when I just think about story, the words come.

Anyway, I'm doing a lot a back filling. Lots of characters, a complex backstory. It's all clear to me, so I'm going with it. My theory is that if I enjoy what I'm doing the reader will enjoy what I'm doing.

I also figured out the way forward. The next quarter of the book is a road trip. Road warrior-like. They are making their way from Oregon to New York pursued by the Bad Guys.

Then the last quarter of the book is a lock box story, as Iggy figures out how to get the McGuffin and then springs it loose.

So I now have a rough idea of what I want. I've left the specifics open, so that should be fun. Lots of fairy creatures to spring loose.

I'm not writing this as fast as I have other books, but as long as I'm progressing, I'm not worrying about that. It's not like I'm falling behind on producing...