No clue about the ending.

Fairy Punk is an idea and an attitude.

I think this is the farthest I've gone into a book without having some idea of the ending, even if it was vague. Certainly, I always had the next few chapters. I'd often have a "theme" I was working out, and that would guide what the ending was.

Here I am 40K words in, and not only don't I have an ending, I don't even have the next chapter.

But I have the whole day to write the next chapter, and all day tomorrow for the next chapter after that, and so on.

I have faith it will work out. In fact, I kind of like the fact that I'm not locked in. I can ask myself each chapter -- what could I write that would be surprisingly satisfying?

So I'm actually thinking of blanking out the ending for as long as I can.

I think I liked the premise of this book so much that I just figured it would come together. I still think it will. But I'm going to totally take it day by day. I like the characters and the setting and I think the world building is coming along. So now all I have to do is apply myself each day.

This book isn't so much about theme as it is about "attitude." A little of punk, but mostly, I want it to be free and easy and loose.

So that is going to be my focus each day.

I was very satisfied with yesterday's chapters. So somewhat surprised that nothing has come to me today. But...I'm sure it will, once I turn my attention to it.