Computer wizard and friend, Aaron, was over and I told him my idea for the latest WIP.

He immediately told me of an idea he had while driving home and feeling bored. (See, all you need to be a writer is to daydream yourself out of boredom.)

It was a great idea. Linda had handed me a box this morning for my "Box Book" and I immediately filled out a card with Aaron's idea and plunked it in there.

Before he left, he gave me another idea, which I added to the box.

Which made me wonder if I shouldn't hold off on the rewrite until I've accumulated enough of these ideas to really be useful. Both ideas he gave me would be useful to incorporate in the first rewrite rather than adding them in later.

Also--they seemed much better ideas than the ones I was coming up with. But then--by definition, they were ideas I hadn't thought of, so that's how they would seem, right? You don't know what you don't know.

Still have to finish the book.