Been four days since I last posted.

But not because I haven't written anything. In fact I've written 10 posts to myself, each of them either too private or not interesting enough for anyone else.

Neither is this post, probably, but I probably should post it anyway.

I've decided to stay away from all "clickbait", and that includes most internet news sites, most of Facebook and Twitter, and cable new programs. The Outrage Machine was just getting to be too much. I was really feeling sad about the state of our country and culture.

It's been a struggle, but I've managed so far. But it also means I'm not online as much, and I think that means I haven't been here as often to post.

Except I've been writing, but once I turned inward, the blog posts seemed to turn inward too.

Meanwhile, I'm oh so close to finishing "Time In/Time Out." I've decided not to substantially change the story, as I'd been thinking for half the book. It was good when I wrote it. I've decided not to second guess myself.

I may change my mind again, but the one thing about this turning inward is that I'm giving much more weight to my own feelings about things, instead of trying to figure out what others might like.