Winter decided to finally arrive, messing up my writing. You see, I get most of my writing done on walks and if I can't walk, I have to fall back on my secondary modes. The bedroom seems to be the best place. Night before last, after dithering all day, I finally closed the door around 6:00. Amazingly, I came out three hours later with a chapter written. A very fast three hours.

Yesterday, went into Bend and didn't get any writing done. Came back after dark and went over to the school track a block away and did 12 circuits. Boring compared to walking out in the woods, but it just shows how far I really walk. After spending half my life thinking I had no willpower, I seemed to have gained an iron will about some things. Writing and walking, at least.

Snow on the ground today, so preparing myself for another session in the bedroom. I don't know why I can't use my office, dammit, that's what it's for!

Again, a wasted day. I did get an idea for a semi-action scene in the middle of all the domesticity. And the answer I came up with will allow me to have a little chapter heading paragraph from diary of a Victorian lady who owned the house.

For some reason I have a knack for these; my brain can come up with a little beginning middle and end in one paragraph. Linda laughed out loud at my first entry and I did think is was a pretty clever last line...

So I got almost a 1000 words done, so I take it back; not a completely wasted day.

I can add these little additions or not and I can write them at random so I'll go ahead.