I'm up to 42K words on "Shadows over Summer House." The last three chapters have been somewhat domestic, if that is the word. Just people getting together, developing relationships.

I mean how much does it matter what happens to people if you don't get to know them? How much can you care about what happens to them?

I'm still trying to figure out that equation. With this book, I'm spending more time on narrative and relationships, less on action and plot. Probably a bad idea. But the thing is, I like it. I'm enjoying it. So I'm doing it.

I'll put it out in the world and maybe I'll be pleasantly surprised. Maybe people will actually like it as much as I do.

I'm trying to think of something more impactful I can place in the middle of these chapters. I may have come up with an answer last night before bed. The answer was pretty obvious when I asked myself the question.

A big problem I'm having with this book are the real-life scenarios. I have half the book concerning longshoremen and a heist, and half the book with a house renovation. Well, I know nothing about longshoremen or house renovations, besides what I see on TV. I'll have to do enough research to make those scenes plausible. I think "plausible" is the most realistic standard I can aspire to.

The most pleasant surprise that I'm actually not having much trouble delaying the Big Twist. I'm pretty sure now that I can hold off the reveal until much later in the book where it will have the most effect.

Essentially, the big reveal happens just as the climactic action takes place.