Right or wrong, I've started my "Shoot 'em up." (I don't have a title yet.)

This is my third attempt at a thriller. I've decided to go all out.

My goal is to have at least one action scene every chapter. It needs to start with a bang and just keep banging. It is admittedly a plot that's been done many times before, but hopefully I can bring something new to it.

I want to have fun, maintain a consistent tone all the way through. If nothing else, it's good exercise. I don't want another one of these books were the first 50 pages meander, even if done well and for reasons.

I'll have to see where it leads. I sometimes don't know if a story is going to peter out until it does. I don't have a sense of where this story is going, which isn't proof of anything. Some of my best stories started off this way and just took off.

I'm hoping the stricture of having at least one action scene each chapter will keep the invention going.