On my walk today I decided that the mistake I've been making is being too influenced by the idea of being published, instead of just doing what I want to do.

I started off with the concept that I would write what I wanted to write when I wanted to write it.

So for instance, "Deadfall Ridge" plays around with the idea of Bigfoot but never really brings him into the story. What would happen if I bring him in? Call the book "Bigfoot Ranch." Have Granger be the main character. (Just substitute him for Hart Davis, make up another character to be the Granger character. Maybe a guy named Hart Davis?, heh.)

The main thing, I think, is to quit trying to be mainstream. I'm not any good at it and I'm not that interested. I like the supernatural/fantasy slant to things.

It would probably make even more sense to just go on and write something new, though.

I still want to attempt a shoot 'em up. Start with an action scene, follow it with an action scene, then write an action scene and then another action scene. You get the picture. Make Richard Stark's Parker my model.

So he needs to be a anti-hero, but with a code of honor. Proficient with guns. A thief. Works alone. Is pulled into a job against his wishes; job goes south, they come after him. He turns the tables and goes after them.

Pretty simple. Just enjoy the process of it.