Sorry about that.

I've been blogging just about every day for 12 years. Mostly because I figured no one was paying attention anyway. I could write boring process posts about writing. Or be vague about my plots. Or simply comment on the weather. Nothing spectacular, not exactly literary. A personal diary, if you will.

I decided recently to up my social media presence a little. Went from 350 FB friends to 850. Went from 300 Twitter followers to 450. I'm going to pause at 1000 friends and 500 followers. Maybe if I have a hit, it will be easier to get more people to follow me. Otherwise, it's mostly in the horror community, which is a comfortable place to be. But it's tiny numbers in the scheme of things.

It's harder to get people to follow you on Twitter, but I figure if they don't follow me after I follow them, then we don't need to continue. I'm not interested actually in following famous people, who most of them probably spend less introspective time than I do.

My Facebook feed is clogged today with political stuff. I'm pretty good at scrolling through these fast, since they pretty much all say the same thing. My decision not to vent politics on social media is confirmed.

The point of this post is a defiance to the sudden pressure I feel to write something deep, or important, or inspiring, or entertaining, or consequential.

I'm going to write as I've always written. About the real stuff of life. No memes or tropes, no pandering to clicks. Just this. My boring life of walking in the woods, reading and writing, watching TV, going to the occasional movie, talking to Linda and a few friends and family, and working at my bookstore once in a while.

Sorry about that.