No missteps so far.

I've never gotten this far into a book without feeling like I've made missteps--missteps that couldn't be fixed. Fundamental errors that couldn't be removed without destroying the story. Usually, I have to try to ameliorate these missteps, make them manageable.

There are probably too many POV characters in "Takeover," then again, that is a feature of the book. It might take a little paying attention on the part of the reader, but I don't think it's too much to ask. 

I've held off thinking about the ending, not wanting to shape the book in a direction that the characters didn't lead it.

Finally, yesterday, the ending started leaking through my mental blockade, but that's probably all right since I'm almost to the point where I was planning to allow it anyway.

I want to be sure to do this right, but I think that the ending I've come up with is realistic as well as dramatic.

In other words, no missteps to the end of the book. I'm very excited.