Wrote a great action scene yesterday for "Fires of Allah." I was really stoked.

Read it to Linda last night, and saw all the flaws. Nevertheless, I feel like I'm back on track. The 1000 word a day goal seems about right. It's weird to be writing that slow, but it seems to be working.

This is my most ambitious book. I'm trying to keep it "real." I may in the end bring in supernatural elements--I've set it up for that possibility--but first I want to see how it comes out as a straight thriller.

Problem is, I don't have a market for a thriller. I'm known for my horror writing, and I can probably get a hearing on any horror novel I write. But what do I do with a thriller?

Publish it myself?

That hasn't worked out so great. I have what I think are a couple of pretty good novels out, "Blood of Succubus" and "Faerie Punk," and they are just sitting there.

Maybe that's what I'll end up having to accept, if I want to write what I want to write.

I'm still not willing to try to find an agent. I like my writing too much to subject it to that process. Nor to a mainstream publisher. I think it would take all the joy out of what I'm doing.

Oh, well. The writing is the thing.