I sent out queries to six agents who are supposedly looking for horror authors.

I figure I have absolutely nothing to lose. Ordinarily, I'd say this was a little too soon, especially since I haven't actually finished the book, but these agents just lately announced they were looking for horror writers (which is unusual) and who knows what will happen in a few more months?

I actually didn't contact them for my horror novels, for which I'm already established, but for the thrillers I want to write. I have no market for thrillers without an agent. So I'm using my horror credits to try to snag an agent for my thrillers, if that makes any sense.

Worse than can happen is that none of them answer me, which is the same result as not trying at all.

Thing is, I want an agent who wants me, who will work with me. I sent the query in the manner in which I wanted, a sample chapter and a brief description, and if they reject me because I didn't do what they wanted, then I'll know this wasn't the agent for me.

My agent from my previous career never seemed completely sold on me, and I don't want that. Probably better to have no agent than one who doesn't believe in me. 

I'm just hoping, I guess, that one of them will really like my writing and really like the premise of the story. Also, I don't know how many more credits I could have without actually already having an agent!

But I've learned not to expect anything.