Worked the weekend at the store while my guys were gallivanting around at the comic show in Portland. I have to admit, dealing with so many people does tend to wear me out. Slept like a rock the last two nights.

But it's also wonderful that the store is so active, even in September, even on Sundays. I just need to cast back to yesteryear and remember what a struggle is used to be.

The store mix still appears to be right on. We've seen some increased competition in games lately, but I've been expecting that for years, so I'm not all that surprised. Books are doing better every month. Comics and graphic novels are doing well.

Linda's store, the Bookmark,  is officially for sale. She just turned 68, and it's time. We have a couple years to sell the store, so it will be interesting. Bend is growing so fast that I think there is a chance someone will buy it, and it would be a great way to make a living for someone.

Still working on The Small Business Survival Handbook. My plans right now are to finish a first draft this month, then dive into my journals and see if there aren't diary entries I can use as framework to the book, and try to cull particularly sharp aphorisms and insights.

I have to prepare myself for a mndtrip. There are times when I find my own words fascinating, and there are times when I think, "What a jerk." I used my journals to vent. Saying things I didn't really mean. It was a harmless way to blow steam.

Anyway, send it off to Jared to edit in about 6 more weeks. I don't intend to get bogged down in this non-fiction thing forever. This will already take longer than normal. But at the bare minimum, I want to get back to novel writing by the first of next year.

My publishing schedule is pretty much fixed for the foreseeable future. So that's cool. I'm ahead of the game and quite satisfied with my progress. On the self-publishing front, I'd like to get Star Axe and Snowcastles/Icetowers out in December, and I'm thinking I'll release my little Gothic lovestory, "Gargoyle Dreams" in January. I like this book a lot, but it doesn't really seem to fit with the publishers I'm dealing with. All of them have passed at the very idea of it. heh.

Had a mystery novelist come in the my store, who is established. Someone I've heard of. She lives in Bend and I was properly impressed. However, there was the hint of patronizing in her tone toward me. I didn't take offense. I think that is the way of things. There is always a hierarchy, though I manage usually to step outside of that and look at what I'm doing for myself as for myself.

I'm still holding onto my good news, though it is agonizing. But hopefully I'll be able to announce it soon.