Called the local Barnes and Noble and asked them to carry the three Tuskers books. The manager was obliging, even saying he'd order some copies of Led to the Slaughter even though it is non-returnable.

Tuskers are fully mainstream now. Regular discounts and returns and all that.

Manager wasn't able to tell me if the national chain as a whole was going to carry the books. I don't expect that, but it would be cool if they did.

Meanwhile, I'm still holding onto my good news. Was asked not to talk about it. Sorry to vaguepost.

Writing my business book is a very different experience than writing a novel. With fiction the trick is to stay in the "fictional dream" from day to day, and to keep telling the story.

With non-fiction it's like starting fresh every day. All I need is a topic and I can come up lots of material. I've got 30 years worth of thinking about it, of having refined my observations. They just come out on the screen in a distilled way.

I'll probably have to do more rewriting on this than I'm accustomed to. The point is to be sharp and clear.

I wish there was more of an organizing principle. For instance, from the beginning of my store to the end; or connected categories. But so far it's been more intuitive than that. It's also more piecemeal, resulting as I mentioned above in starting fresh each day. Each chapter is a distinct unit, like writing an essay.

I'm beginning to realize that this is going to take longer than my fiction. The first draft may be similar, but the rewriting will probably take some time.

We're trying to get this illustrated. I think that would be a very cool thing, but the question is can we afford it? We're still looking at that.

Something will come out--whether it will be completely refined or just more like a collection of my blog posts remains to be seen.