Time to wrap up Fairy Punk.

I purposely tried not to think about the ending of "Fairy Punk," trusting in my subconscious. I mean, I had a very vague idea, but I refused to look at it closer. I wanted to spin out the story for as long as if felt appropriate.

But a couple of days ago, I again seemed to be blocked for inspiration, which has been a problem now for a couple of weeks. I've managed to work my way through the blocks, but it continued to be a problem.

So at the beginning of my walk, it struck me that it was time to end this book. I'm at 75K words now, I figure it will be at least another 15K words to finish, if not more.

The minute I had that thought, lots of little details and additions to the manuscript came to me. I've spent the last couple of days filling in scenes that will help bring the book around to completion. Very gratifying. I'm always amazed that little random details I come up become important later on.

I still have a couple of more road trip chapters in mind, one more or less fleshed out, the other more vague.

But I've also pretty much worked out the rest of the book. Once I gave myself permission, it all just kind of came together. I think it will work.

This book by far has the most characters and settings and the most involved backstory of anything I've written since Faerylander. (A book that tied me in knots.) In fact, it's a bit of model for what I need to do to finish my Lander series. Mostly in the notion that I should allow myself the freedom to be a little silly and just do it.

I just spun out ideas like crazy for this book, more or less at random. I don't know if it works, but I like it, so operating on the assumption that if I like it others will like it, I'm going to complete it and put it out.

Then...I may turn to Faerylander again. If not right away, I've definitely got more of a handle on what I need to do.

I feel like I'm progressing.

Or maybe I'm just giving myself more and more permission to write the way I want to write.