Just make shit up.

So I didn't realize it until late in the writing, but Fairy Punk is more or less a good practice for completing my Faerylander saga.

Well, saying "practice" might be discounting the importance of Fairy Punk, which is probably a better book in some ways. But it points the way.

I mentioned in my blog that I gave myself permission to be "silly."

What I mean by that, is that I let my imagination just make shit up. In both storylines, I've made up a fairly elaborate "Fairy" (or "Faery") world. In Fairy Punk I used traditional classical mythological creatures but I put my own spin on them. In Faerylander, I made up most of the creatures out of whole cloth. But in both cases I allowed myself the permission to be wild and crazy.

The mistake I made with Faerylander was that I tried to rein that in. I grounded it more. I turned it closer to horror than to fantasy. Dark Fantasy is probably the sweet spot.

I'm not jettisoning these darker chapters, but if I split Faerylander into 3 books, the horror elements won't really take front and center until the middle or third book.

I also think that I'm going to make the Cobb chapters 1st person, and all the rest 3rd person, just as I made Iggy 1st person in Fairy Punk and all the other characters 3rd person.

There is one author I know who does this consistently. James Lee Burke, the mystery writer. It doesn't bother me when I read those books, so I'm hoping I can pull it off too.

I think Faerylander can be completed if I give myself permission to go wild.

Just make shit up.