Make Linda cry.

I read the three chapters of Fairy Punk to Linda that I wrote while she was in Portland.

She teared up on the first chapter, which is the response I hoped for. Then she really seemed to like the second chapter, which was the one I really had trouble writing--which reinforces my notion that struggling doesn't make the writing worse. And the third chapter passed muster.

This thing is turning into an epic. I've hit 82K words and I'm not even at what I would term the concluding chapters. Originally, I thought it was going to be a short pithy quirky novel in the vein of I Live Among You, but the more world-building I did, the more it became a quest story and all that brought with it. Don't know how long it will be and I'm trying not to hurry it. It's very expansive, both in the numbers of characters and settings as well as in the overall length.

I'm still enjoying it. My goal is to bring something surprising to each chapter.