Good writing, backward.

I read some of Deep Sea Rising at writer's group last night.

I had written a couple of chapters overlapping from two different character's viewpoints.

Realized as I was reading it that I had two chapter 6's numbered.

But worse, if I needed to switch the order, and then cut the second viewpoint after a certain part. Not a hard fix, but necessary.

On the third chapter, I had a flashback within a flashback, which also didn't work, because it wasn't clear.

Again, not hard to fix, but a necessary rewrite.

Thing is, I sent this manuscript off to a couple of publishers thinking it was ready--and obviously it's not, completely.

Oh, well. If I get it back because of that bone-headed, impatient move, I'll half deserve. I still think it is my best book overall, the writing is really quite good, the story and premise are intriguing. I would think there is enough there to catch a publisher's interest despite my missteps.

The manuscript is with Lara, my editor, so I'll fix it up and get it ready to send elsewhere if it comes back.