Motivations and plot have to match.

I'm halfway through Fairy Punk but stalled, because I just realized that the plot resolution I'm heading for contradicts the motivations of the characters so far.

Surprising how often this happens.

Basically, I have the Big Bad planning to do the opposite of what he probably wants to do. I could finesse it and find a lame excuse as to why he's doing that, but it doesn't feel solid.

I'm sure there is an answer if I mull on it long enough.

Of course, planning and outlining would avoid this -- but I can't make up a plot out of the air. I've tried, and nothing happens. I discover the plot through writing. Most often, as I'm writing, the plot becomes clear to me.

But everyone once in a while the plot goes one way and character motivations go another way.

The mistake I've made in the past was to keep writing, therefore compounding the problem.

So I'm just taking a deep breath and thinking it through.

If I ask myself enough questions, I'll figure out an answer. The future -- the second half of the book -- is not written. When it is written, it will be written by me. So the answer is there.