"Fairy Punk" -- an Urban Fantasy.

The title to my new book is "Fairy Punk." I'm nearly halfway through, so I feel comfortable about talking about it now.

The whole idea was to have fun with this one. Anything goes. I ask myself every day, "What would be a cool thing to have happen?"

It's an Urban Fantasy.

Hedge Fund elves, a genius half elf, half dwarve inventer named Joseph Tindermaker, and hapless Iggy Sinclair, who is a punk bounty hunter who is pulled into the shenanigans. It's got dwarves and elves and pixies and trolls and ogres (so far.)

And the Ancient One, who was banished by the human One God ten thousand years ago but has returned by infesting a human A.I.

I blithely started writing it and then a few chapters in realized that it required world-building, which is one of the reasons I've stayed away from Fantasy this time around.

But I love the characters and the premise, so I'll muscle through.

Thing is, I discover the world by writing. Which means that I often box myself into corners. Inconsistencies and contradictions and backward motivations creep into the story, that have to be fixed later.

Ah, well. It was a book I really wanted to write.