Writing a sexy book.

Early on, I was a little concerned about the direction "The Manic Pixie Dream Girl Murders" was going.

See, I didn't set out to write a book about a succubus. I had a dream where a MPDG leads a young man into the wilderness, has her way with him, then leaves him to die.

As usually happens with my books, it took a turn to the supernatural. The fantasy element is what gives the story spice, which engages my attention. A straight thriller seems boring to me to write (though I like reading them).

Anyway, once it became about a succubus, and then succubae, sex entered into it. And then again. And again.

After all, that's what a succubus does.

So I was concerned. I sent it to a couple of readers who reassured me that it was done in a tasteful way. No worries.

So I quit worrying about it.

Now the reviews are coming out, and though they are positive, they do tend to mention the sex angle a lot. Which I guess I should have expected.

Thing is, the sex is totally in service to the story. It is never gratuitous. All of it came from the character interplay, if you will. Sex has to be there for the character's motivations to make any sense.

I'm hoping I won't get in trouble with Amazon over this. Hoping no one complains. It's just that it became so integral to the story that I sort of forgot about the fact there is a lot of sex going on.