The Manic Pixie Dream Girl Murders is for sale!

I figure that any of you who still read this blog are dedicated readers, more or less.

So I'm going to ask you to please buy my book. Do it right now, before you move on. It's easy. Hit the link, hit buy...

Go ahead. I'll wait.

You did it? Thank you so much!

The first week is by far the most important 7 days in the life of a book. The farther up the list you start, the longer you stay, the more likely people are to find you, and the higher up the list you go. It's a "Virtuous Cycle" and I'd so much like to get something going on this book.

I published this myself, but this doesn't mean it's a lesser book. Indeed, it's longer than most of my books, and has been worked on probably more than most of my books. I think it came out well.

As one of my reviewers said, it's "Dark and a little Naughty."

I write so much, that I'll probably do this fairly often and still have a regular flow of publisher books at the same time. No other way to get them all out.

This was lots of fun, no matter what happens.