Writer connections at the store.

Worked at Pegasus yesterday. I still enjoy this -- would do it more if I didn't need to give my guys more work.

Ran into the daughter of my mentor, Dwight Newton, and told her that a mainstream publisher had been inquiring about whether his books were available. I will give the publisher (who has my book proposal) her email when I contact him again. But...I don't want to invite rejection sooner than needs be. I'm pretty sure he is either going to turn me down or ... more probable... not give me an answer at all. So when I finally contact him, that's when he'll tell me.

So I'll give it a couple of more months. You never know.

She bought Led to the Slaughter because she is a western history buff. I sell one or two of my books almost every day I work. I also have someone tell me they liked my book almost every day I work.

But I can't be both store clerk and a writer -- that was proven for 25 years. And even more proven by how I exploded into writing after being freed from clerking.

Also ran into a fellow who works in New York doing videos who comes in the store every year or so. It's interesting to talk to these ambitious young people. He was wearing aviator style glasses and I wonder if that is about to become a "thing." I remember the first time I saw a goatee on a younger person was the same sort of surprise. I remember thinking how good it looked.

Linda and I are going to go see The Hateful Eight this afternoon. I was thinking about seeing Star Wars again, but I just don't do that very often. I've seen it. I liked it. But...well, I've seen it.

I want to see The Revenant too.  Both of these westerns probably need to be seen on the big screen. I worry that they are too extreme for Linda's tastes, but she's been married to me for 32 years so...well, she's used to it.

I'm going to go out to the Badlands early, say 10:00 or so, do my walk, and try to get some writing done. Get back in time to go the movies.