Who owns my phone, anyway?

I get up this morning, check my new iPhone and it wants my passcode.

I press my thumb and it's not enough. I put in my passcode and it tells me I'm wrong.

Here's the thing. I didn't ask for -- I don't need -- and I don't want all this fucking security. I bought this phone, I'll take care of my own phone, butt out!

Overnight, it decides to remove itself from usability. Now I've got to spend an hour at Verizon trying to fix the problem. I've only had this phone 2 weeks and already it's fucking with me.

Really, I'm wasting about 99% of the capacity of this phone. All I want to use it for is as a phone. I don't want it to surf the internet, I'm not going to down load any apps, I hate the little typing pad, I don't text except for useful reasons.

I do everything on my computer. The phone is for phoning. Period.

I do like the ability to take a picture on put it on Facebook. Me saying I like this is what impelled Linda to buy it for me. But it ain't worth the aggravation if this happens again.

What right does my own phone have to decide that I can't use it? Who decided that I had to prove myself every time I use my own phone? Apple? Verizon?

Well, fuck you guys. It's not your phone, it's my phone.