The Ending.

I really like this book, "Deep Sea Rising." Not a misstep so far, and I've been able to say that about very few of my books.

So I want to stick the landing.

I had the book pretty much figured out up the 50K mark. Now I just need to bring it home.

Now I'm waiting for inspiration. I want the words to come to me. I want to feel that they are right.

Yesterday, I wasn't feeling it. So I told myself to take a day off. I was going to be reading at writer's group that night, (I'm reading "The Darkness You Fear" which is in the editing phase), and I just didn't have any ideas.

As I mentioned before, roughly speaking, the ending is:  Earthquake, Tsunami, and Invasion of the Deep Sea Creatures.

Action scenes usually come to me as I write them. I seem to have a knack. But blocking them out in my mind is helpful. And I want for more than just action scenes. I need a bunch of satisfying character catharsis to really make the book work.

I'm definitely in no hurry. I'm not getting Lara's edit of "The Darkness You Fear" back until the 8th of February, so I have roughly two weeks to write what normally takes me 5 or 6 days.

Anyway, most of the day passed. Then, around 3:00 in the afternoon, a minor character who has been in the background the entire book, popped up and demanded to be included in the book. She was always hinted to be an intriguing character, so I thought, let's see where this leads.

A good chapter later, I see that it was meant to be.

I'm going to approach the book the same way today. The words have to come unbidden, so to speak. I want to be inspired.