New idea for a book.

Not yet finished with "Deep Sea Rising." Another week of writing.

Meanwhile, came up with another idea that I thought was kind of cool. Thought it was completely original.

Googled it and found it was a 'thing.' But not so much in the book world, but in the Etsy/art world. No books with the title I have in mind.

So I have a title and an aesthetic that I think is kind of cool before I actually have the plot.

I've thought of the main character, and interestingly, a cover to the book.

Is this enough to write an entire book?

I have the three most important things: An interesting premise, a cool title, and an imagined awesome cover.

Well, there is one other small thing -- I have to write a good book. I think I'm getting the hang of this. I have a 'feeling' I want to evoke, and that is often the most important thing of all. Can I keep up that 'feeling' through the whole book without getting bogged down?

Hard to do.

We'll see how I feel when I finish "Deep Sea Rising." I still have the "Not by Water, But by Fire" book that I want to write.

I often don't know what is going to grab me until it does.