Oldest established owner?

Brett White, owner of Heroes Haven in Roseburg, messaged me wondering if I might now be the oldest established owner of a comic shop in Oregon. Apparently, the longtime owner of the comic shops in Eugene has sold his businesses.

That probably would make me the oldest, except -- the Things From Another World shops in Portland are owned by Mike Richardson, who I happened to buy my own shop from in 1984. Mike is the founder of Dark Horse comics and I don't believe he's been very involved in the retail side of things for years, but...owner is owner.

Meanwhile, I think I might also be the oldest established continual retailer in Downtown Bend. There are others who have opened and closed businesses, or moved, and it's possible there are some restaurant owners who have been here longer, but I can't imagine who.

One of the oldest, for sure.

What I'm proud of is that my business is actually thriving. It isn't limping along, surviving, but improving every year.