Chapter 7, still humming.

Wrote chapter 7 yesterday. Went smoothly.

The pattern is set. Mull over the chapter in the morning, focusing on what needs to be done. Think about it during the shower and on the drive out to the Badlands. Write whatever has come to me either before leaving the house or immediately upon arriving.

Then go for the walk, stopping at the writing stump on the way out, and then on the way in also. Then walk back to the car, do some more writing. Think some more on the drive into town and finish in my room, if necessary.

Basically, this is a four or five hour process. Cushioned by an hour before and hour after. It takes the middle of the day out, so pretty much the whole day has to be dedicated to the process.

On the drive out I was nearly overwhelmed by the gratitude that this happens.

I think I've turned into a good writer, actually, or at least I'm getting better all the time. Getting better through doing, through working out the process, through trusting myself.

It may not be noticeable to anyone else, but I know it is happening. I'm feeling a satisfaction that has nothing to do with the outside world, and that is the best of all.