Wrote a complex scene yesterday with lots of dialogue and multiple characters. This is not something I could have pulled off when I started writing. It gave me a good feeling and I went to bed feeling like I'd really accomplished something.

Earlier in the day I wondered if the scene was coming too early, that I might want to hold it off, but then decided to go straight forward with the story. There is more depth to be had in this story, in theme and characterization, but again the plot is preeminent and every time I delay a story in order to get some thematic stuff in I've later felt I slowed down the story.

It seems like every book I write now needs revisions in the first 50 pages or so. But it's best to wait until I'm finished with the book before I do them. I'm also pretty much committed to sitting on books for a couple of months after finishing them. This is new and I found it very useful with "Fateplay" going back and adding detail, streamlining the story, filling in the characterization and motives.

Did some research on the "Noble Savage" philosophical concept. If I was a deeper thinker I might be able to really dive into that. As it is, even the Wiki level was a little overwhelming. Heh.

That's a choice. I could overreach, really delve into the idea, try to structure a theme, have the characters personify or expound on the ideas.

But that's for later if I do it. For now, I'm focused on story and plot, moving it along, with the concepts in the back of my mind--even, as I write it--mindful. Then I'll come back and see if I can't enrich the story a little by being more specific in the philosophical concepts. Just a bit of seasoning, not so that it overwhelms the story.

Today is fun with Linda day and we're probably going for a drive since there aren't any movies we want to see.