On my walk for the first time in weeks. Decided to check out the trails at the west end of Crooked River Ranch.

The trail nearest the river was closed for wildlife protection, so I took the upper trail. Immediately could feel I was out of shape, though to be fair, it was mostly uphill. Anyway, the trail wound along the bottom of the cliffs, and never really got close to the river in the two miles I walked. A fisherman I encountered along the way said the trail drops down severely with switchbacks near the end, but I think I'll stop at two miles. Disappointing.

Sitting here writing.

Apparently, on August 1st, the river trail opens, so I'll come back.

I'm going to try to broaden my walking options, as long as the trails aren't more than about 20 minutes away by car. Yes, I could walk in Redmond's Dry Canyon, but I really like solitude as well as more nature than that.

Wrote a second chapter to "New Brave World."

In the middle of the writing, I heard the rustle of a bird above me and looked up to see a hawk perched on a Juniper. Tried to get near enough to take a picture, and frantically took pictures as it took flight, but pretty missed it. Darn.

The book has already veered from where I thought it would go, so that's good. heh.